Focus Fitness Challenge

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What is the Focus Fitness Challenge?

This tiered program is designed to help you discover your goals, develop an actionable plan, and execute that plan with certified professionals guiding you every step of the way.

Essential РWithout proper nutrition, no fitness plans will work. Fat loss, strength training, rehab and general health all rely on a proper diet.  By meeting with a certified nutrition coach every week, you will learn to eat for your body, for your goals, and for your health.

Preferred – Build on the Essential Plan by adding Small Group Training. With Unlimited classes around the clock, we make it easier than ever to meet your movement goals.

Premium – Maximize your results by bumping up to the Premium Plan and add one on one personal training on top of your classes. Your goals are personal and your training should be to. Personal Training includes 24/7 access to your coach to ensure that your goals will be met.

What’s Included in the Focus Fitness Challenge?

  • Initial Assessment with Body Scan
  • Bio-mechanical Assessment
  • Body Composition Analysis with InBody
  • Unlimited Large Group Training *
  • Personal Training Sessions **
  • Nutritional Guide
  • Final Assessment with Body Scan
  • One-on-One Nutritional Consults with Certified Nutritionist¬†¬†

( * Only available in the Preferred )

( ** Only available in the Premium )

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