A rejuvenating Swedish massage relaxes the muscles and calms the mind with soothing massage strokes for relaxation and circulation. Our silver massage is best as an ‘intro’ to massage, stress relief, relaxation, releasing cramped or tense muscles, or for a luxurious couple’s massage.

(50 minutes or 80 minutes)


A deep tissue massage applies a variety of techniques to release tension in tired or overused muscles, while relaxing the soul. This treatment is best for treating stiff, painful spots like the shoulders and neck, and it is beneficial for athletic individuals. Pressure can be adjusted based on your comfort level.

(50 minutes or 80 minutes)


The hot stone massage utilizes smooth, heated stones to gently work and loosen tight muscles and melt away stress. The stones help to release tension in your back and shoulders. This massage can focus on relaxation or deeper muscle therapy.

(50 minutes)


Our prenatal massages consist of specific techniques to reduce pregnancy discomforts and concerns, as well as to enhance the physiological and emotional wellbeing of both mother and baby. Supported side-lying position is used.

When booking for a prenatal massage your must be 13 or more weeks into your pregnancy by appointment date.

(50 minutes)


By massaging and applying pressure to certain reflex areas of the feet, your therapist uses energy work to influence healing other parts of your body including digestive system, spine, lungs, and reproductive system. Benefits include relaxation and improved blood circulation, which helps to relieve the effects of stress.

(30 minutes)