About Soul Spa

Soul Spa blends ancient remedies and state-of-the art technology to provide you with an ultra-sensory experience. More than just a day spa, this mecca of wellness calms your mind while bringing your body to peace and balance.

Our Facilities

Bathed in relaxing hues of blue, green and violet, each room uses Chromotherapy, a therapy using colors of the visual spectrum to reduce stress and balance energy through soft, undulating lights. Body treatments such as hot stone massage, signature facials and a centuries-old practice of body sugaring ply your body & skin to a smooth suppleness.

Medi-Spa Room

Our Medi-Spa room is truly relaxing—thanks to additional Chromotherapy lighting. Clinical procedures are performed here such as Botox injections, Restylane, IPL (Intense Pulse Light) for hair removal, age spots and spider veins.

Tranquility Lounge

From the locker room, continue on to the tranquility lounge where ultra-soft chaise lounges, a radiant fire place, soft music and a selection of herbal teas await in a room bathed in soft light. Lose yourself while gazing at an enchanting world under the sea. It’s the perfect place to unwind while waiting for your services to begin.

Post Treatment Room

After your treatment, you will sit in a state-of-the-art lounge chair while soaking your feet in a warm Epsom salt bath infused with aromatherapy scents of your choice such as Lavender or Eucalyptus. Epsom salt naturally draws the toxins out of the body allowing you to feel completely rejuvenated.

Locker Room

Even the locker rooms at Soul Spa relax your mind and cleanse your body. With secure storage for your belongings—we encourage you to come early and enjoy amenities such as an infra-red sauna that aids in tissue and nerve repair, a spacious steam-room for detoxifying pores and luxurious showers fully stocked with amenities, as well as also boasting Chromotherapy.

Therapy Room

Our calming therapy rooms offer the perfect backdrop for our specialized spa services such as Hot Stone Massage, Signature Facials, Microdermabrasion or Body Sugaring—a hair removal technique practiced in the Middle East for centuries—an alternative to waxing. Complete with heated tables, relax, settle-in and prepare to be beautified! 

Couples / Party Room

Whether a mother/daughter spa day or a Valentine’s Day treat, we offer a luxurious couples therapy room—bathed in soft pink light of our salt lamps—where you can enjoy any of our spa services together. 

Our Party Room is reminiscent of an exclusive night club—the ‘Sparty’ Room—provides the perfect place for friends to get together for some serious relaxation. Host a Spa Party or Botox Party in style! Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps provide detoxifying light while bathing the room in a soft, pink glow. Book a bridal party, Mother’s Day or a day of nag free football with the guys!