5 Ways Soul Spa Will Soothe Your Soul

You know the feeling. You yearn for it. The feeling that you get when you are visiting a resort somewhere on vacation and are relaxed, feeling no stress. Your senses become heightened, awakened, and you take time to reflect. The air you breathe feels different, better. You indulge yourself. You take time to smell the roses while wondering why you don’t escape more often. Soul Spa provides you the same piece of mind, which until now, was reserved for vacations. Inspired by resort living, Soul Spa is designed to envelop and bathe you in relaxation and sophistication. Come slip into a robe anytime you need to escape…

Visia InformationGym Access

At Soul Spa when you have a scheduled service, you are encouraged to come for the day. Like resort spas that have fitness centers, at Soul Spa, you are able to enjoy a full day membership in Focus Fitness Exercise Salon. Take a spin class, run on the treadmill, hit the weights or work on your abs in a full service health club.


Time to wind down. Begin to decompress in the infrared sauna or eucalyptus steam room. Chromotherapy is the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony. Enjoy
the benefits of chromotherapy lights in our sauna, showers, and treatment rooms which feature slowly changing colored lights from above, and from the shower heads. Lather up with shampoo and conditioner that smell like coconut in an elegantly tiled shower, slip into a robe and prepare to escape further into the spa.

Tranquility Lounge

From the locker room, continue on to the tranquility lounge where ultra-soft chaise lounges, a radiant fire place, soft music and a selection of herbal teas await in a room bathed in soft light. Lose yourself while gazing at an enchanting world under the sea. It’s the perfect place to unwind while waiting for your service to begin.

Post Treatment Room

As your service nears completion, you are so relaxed that you can hardly speak and you dread the idea of having to rouse yourself back to reality. Take your time, enjoy a warm aromatherapy-infused foot bath with your preselected scent of lavender or citrus in our post treatment room. Enjoy views of exotic landscapes from around the world while the Epsom salt naturally draws the toxins out of the body allowing you to feel completely rejuvenated.

Treat, Pamper, Spoil.

VISIA: Redefining the vision of skin careMedi-Spa

Look as good as you feel. Our state of the art medi-spa provides the latest advances in cosmetic technology allowing our physicians to customize a program just for you. The Visia machine takes pictures of your face providing skin analysis to identify spots, wrinkles, UV spots, brown spots, and red areas. The Visia will also
recommend a treatment plan of microdermabrasion, facials, fillers, Botox or laser treatments based on the results of its printed report.

Take a vacation without leaving town. I’m Dr. Raj Gupta, and I encourage you to spoil yourself. Soul Focus, where the focus is always on YOU. Stop by for a tour or visit and request a complimentary day pass.