Turn Back the Clock on Time: The Breakthrough of Stem Cell Therapy

Turn Back the Clock on Time: The Breakthrough of Stem Cell Therapy

Until now, there was no way to prevent or fix a degenerated joint. Knee replacements, shoulder surgeries, and hip replacements are common and necessary for joints that are beyond repair. For the first time in our lives we have a way to regenerate joints instead of having to resort to surgery. As part of our partnership with Stem Cell of America, Soul Focus if proud to be able to offer information and services on Stem Cell Therapy and other new medical breakthroughs in Regenerative Medicine.

Stem cells are called the body’s Master Cells because they develop into all other cells. They actually become NEW CELLS. Stem cells heal the underlying cause of your problem. They get to the root of it and regenerate degenerated joints like shoulders, knees and hips bringing new life to it. Stem cells have the ability to repair, restore, replace and REGENERATE any cell in the adult body. Though stem cells are found naturally in your body, when you were younger, you had a higher concentration of stem cells which is why you healed faster when you were younger. As you age, so do your stem cells. They have recycled many, many times and most have reached their limit with regards to regeneration. Now, with stem cell therapy, we are able to inject brand new cells into your knees, shoulders and hips, necks and backs to make new cartilage, new ligaments and regenerate your degenerated joint.

Regenerative Medicine is recommended for those that suffer from rotator cuff tears, tendinitis, bursitis, frozen shoulder, knee pain, medial meniscal tears, ACL and those with severe degenerative arthritis. Famous athletes that have used Stem Cell Therapy include Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods, Rafael Nadal, Michael Jordan, Alex Rodriguez, Kobe Bryant.

Any tissue in need of repair sends out the signal. These signal cells are actually DNA coded to send out a distress signal, asking for help when they need it. This signal attracts stem cells in response to the distress signal which comes from inflammation, injury or degeneration. This system begins to breakdown over time as our body and body’s stem cells age. By injecting NEW stem cells directly into the joint that needs them, you are able to heal again. Most patients require only single treatment to achieve significant results. The procedure takes 5-10 minutes and your entire visit will take approximately 30 minutes. Patients may experience pain relief as soon as 3-10 days after treatment and continued improvement over the following weeks and months.

What will happen if you do not get Stem Cell Injections?
Your joints that are degenerating will continue to degenerate and you will eventually have a joint that is bone on bone and require a joint replacement surgery. Stem cells not only heal and repair, but they also improve overall function of the affected area often returning the joint to levels that far exceed normal. Think the same, do the same things and get the same results, or REGENERATE with Stem Cells and take back your life.

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