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7 Chakras That Put the SOUL in Soul Spa

7 Chakras That Put the SOUL in Soul Spa

1) Chromotherapy
According to author Carol Jackson, in her book Color Me Beautiful, chromotherapy can be used to enhance one’s mind and spirit. Chromotherapy, when used for healing the body, utilizes colors based on their electrical and heating properties.
We proudly provide chromotherapy as a recurring theme throughout Soul Spa. Lights located in the ceiling slowly transition through a different spectrum of colors in all treatment room, in both saunas, and even our shower heads change colors while you wash.


2) Tranquility Room
Soul Spa’s tranquility lounge is not only sheikh and modern, but with its aquarium and fireplace, it is warm and cozy too. Soft, supple, silky blankets await you on each smooth, and cushy chaise lounge. Enjoy and array of teas, nuts, and fruit. Detox, decompress and relax both before and after your treatment. Enjoy.

3) After treatment Room
Soul Spa understands that following one of our luxury body therapies, you are extremely relaxed and need time to come back to reality. Too often, people are dressed and in their car too soon, not yet prepared to reenter the rat race that is life. At Soul Spa, when your treatment is near completion, we Chak·ra – is a term used to describe the wheels of energy throughout a body. prepare a warm foot soak with your preselected essential oil with scents of rose flower, lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, etc. We then escort you to our AFTER TREATMENT room where you sit and soak your feet while watching a display of landscapes from around the world. You need and deserve this time— make it last as long as possible.

4) Exercise Salon
Soul Spa’s sister, also located within the Soul Focus wellness center, Focus Fitness Exercise Salon, has agreed to allow our clients to take part in a spin or yoga class, use an elliptical machine, hit the weight machines, whatever, the gym is yours for the day—the entire day—on the day of your scheduled service in the spa.

5) Steam and Sauna
Our luxurious locker rooms have infrared saunas that have been shown to aid in circulation, weight loss, detoxification, pain relief, and overall cellular health. It has also been proven that infrared saunas help to lower blood pressure and provide anti-aging properties. Most importantly, saunas are relaxing. Our steam rooms emit eucalyptus, which when mixed with steam, helps to relieve chest and sinus congestion and opens your pores allowing for toxins to be excreted. 

6) Parties
When touring Soul Spa, one can’t help to think, “PARTY”. Yes, you CAN have your birthday, bachelorette, or “just for fun” party to hang out with your friends. We close the doors and all rooms and treatments are exclusively yours. Packages available that include Botox, Juvederm, massages, and facials for all who attend.

When you purchase a package of services at Soul Spa, you not only get a discount on our deluxe treatments, but you are able to mix and match services. Buy a 5 or 10 package of services, you can choose to have a massage treatment, a facial on the next, and cosmetic acupuncture on yet another visit. So unlike other massage or facial clubs, our club members are able to sample all of Soul Spa’s elite services

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