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A Doctor’s Dream

Dr. Raj Gupta is living his life’s dream right now. Strongly believing in the philosophy of focusing on the self to achieve tranquility and balance, he is part of a group of physicians on the brink of opening, Soul Focus, a state of the art facility dedicated to treating mind, body and soul. It is Dr. Raj’s ambition to provide a center whereby a person can go, and not just be healed by medical doctors, but also be treated for the afflictions of everyday life that plague them like stress, poor nutrition and lack of physical activity.

Dr. Raj not only desires this kind of balanced serenity for his patients but also for himself. Completing his undergraduate work at Drexel University in 1992, he was always in great shape, playing tennis. He explains, however, that once he got to chiropractic school, his body and nutrition changed as his schedule got more hectic. Most of us can understand this predicament. Today our lives seem to be filled from minute to minute, and things like exercise and healthy eating just don’t fit in anymore. We need guidance on how to build it all back in.

Dr. Raj admits to having a bit of a “wake up call” when one day, while treating a patient he glanced at himself in the mirror, and was not happy with what he saw. Wanting to set an example for his patients, he knew he had to make changes to reflect his philosophy of healthcare. Starting with a 9 Day Detox program, he set out on a journey to his own personal wellness. After the intense cleanse, he explains, “I lost 16 lbs and had more energy than I ever had in my life. It was like a reset button for my system, I felt refreshed and was excited.” Soon after, he joined a gym and focused on getting back into shape. After losing 50lbs, he now leads an active lifestyle again playing golf, tennis, working out and enjoying his family. It is with this renewed vigor for life that he pours his heart and soul into the brainchild that is Soul Focus.

“It’s not just about losing weight, or getting treated for pain, the minute you walk into the atrium, you will be relaxed” Dr. Raj explains that it really is a mind body-soul experience at Soul Focus. Soul Focus will combine Soul Spa, Focus Fitness and Garden State Spine & Pain Institute and create a 16,000 square foot haven that provides patrons with expert medical care, nutritional guidance, personal training and a whole menu of relaxation services. Along with a café, juice bar and retail Soul Focus really is a complete wellness center. Although opening isn’t set until the end of 2010, early memberships are being offered at discounted rates for people who want to lock in now. Exclaiming the motto to focus “selfishly on you”, Dr. Raj Gupta and the expert staff surrounding him are waiting to take care of you.

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