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A Local Pastor’s Journey Towards Health & Wellness: Q&A with John Helm

Pastor John Helm of First Baptist Church in Asbury Park has been part of the Soul Focus family since April of 2017, and in just five short months, all facets of our wellness facility have changed his life in immeasurable ways. His success here has been incredible, so we sat down with our wonderful patient for a Q&A about his new life now, compared to before he started his journey with us towards health and wellness.

Q What condition was your health in before you started treatment with us at Soul Focus?
A. Well, I was overweight and sluggish. My knee pain was great and I was having trouble with my hip and my back.

Q. Did you have any problems with energy?
A. Yes, walking up steps—I would be out of breath by the time I got up the steps. By the end of the day I was exhausted—also would kind of want to take a nap in the afternoon just to get going and get through the day.

Q. What were the phases of healthcare you went through at Garden State Spine and Pain Institute?
A. The first thing I did was the Focus 40. It was 40 days working out and also watching my diet. I not only enjoyed that but starting losing weight as well.

Q. How much weight did you lose?
A. I lost 47 pounds since March first once I signed up with Jeff for the 40 day challenge.

Q. What were your expectations for your results when you began treatment here?
A. I was just hoping that I would be able to get in better shape and lose some weight, but I received much more than that. I discovered that my hip problem was greater than I anticipated.

Q. Tell me a little bit about your treatment plan.
A. The doctors put it together for me where I came in and received therapy from Michelle, who is

a great therapist, and Vin as well, and then I would also have chiropractic care. After a period of time of going three days a week I was reduced to two days a week. At this point in my care, therapy was also performed in the gym.

Q. Tell me a bit about your relationship with the staff here.
A. The people here at Soul Focus are interested in YOU, they always have a smile, they’re encouraging you, asking you questions, ask how you are doing, as well as providing great service for you—in therapy, in training sessions, and certainly the doctors and the advice that they gave was just excellent for me.  

Q. How much better and younger do you feel?
A. I would say I feel about twenty years younger. I also signed up for nutrition with Debra. That was excellent—we met weekly for the first five weeks and now we’re meeting once every other week. She was like my checkpoint and I enjoy competition and realizing she was going to check up on me certainly encouraged me to lose the weight.

Q. So where is your health now, compared to where it was before you began treatment with us?
A. My knee pain is almost entirely gone. My hip and my back are much better and now I’m able

 to work out in the gym again. The treatments enabled me to do that and it was a great plan where it was not rushed but I received all the help that was needed to not only get me back in shape, but now 47 pounds lighter—I haven’t weighed this probably in 25 years and I still have a goal of losing more weight. I’m still meeting with Debra and we have a goal to lose about 15-20 pounds more by September. 

Q. In one word or phrase, can you please describe Soul Focus?
A. The first word I think of is “fantastic”! The team work has made the dream come true for me because I feel so much better and I can be more active and it’s just been a great place to be. I enjoy coming here, I enjoy seeing the staff, and it’s been a great experience for me.

Q. How has this changed your life?
A. I feel younger, I feel more energetic—I’m getting up early I the morning and staying up later at night. I have more energy—I’m usually up by 5:30 or 6 o’clock and I’m ready to go and that’s something that hasn’t been true for a number of years.

Our purpose is to help as many people as possible, avoid unnecessary drugs and surgery, using diet and exercise, along with other services available at Soul Focus Wellness Center. For a complimentary consult to find out if we can change YOUR life, call us at 732.935.1000 today

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