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Focus Fitness 3-Step Plan For Success

According to Nielson, the top 3 New Year’s Resolutions for 2015 were, to stay fit and healthy, lose weight, and live life to its fullest. Most people join gyms in hopes of achieving all 3. So why did The Sheridan Press find that 80% of people who join a gym, quit their membership by the second week of February? It is because people lack the tools. Focus Fitness has the answer. 


DIET – All new members have the opportunity to review and discuss their blood work and current diet with a medical professional and nutritional counselor ensuring that their body is fueled like the high performance machine that it is. If deficiencies in your blood work indicate the medical necessity of nutritional counseling, it may be a covered service under your health insurance.

EXERCISE – All new members meet with our personal training department for a customized treatment plan. Should you be lifting weights, doing cardio or both?  

ACCOUNTABILITY – Introducing the InBody570. InBody devices bring you the easiest, quickest, and most precise body composition analysis in the world. Measuring your weight, the amount of skeletal lean muscle mass you have, your body mass index and percentage of body fat. The InBody also compares the strength of your left and right arm and leg to the right. Check out the attached InBody report.

Your initial InBody report assists our personal trainers to customize a workout program JUST FOR YOU. Our nutritional counselors obtain baseline readings and love the InBody because it appropriately rewards clients with trackable progress when clients follow their recommendations. Now, with accountability and guidance, you are not on your own, you will not get frustrated, you will see results and you WILL succeed.  

Let us, and the InBody help YOU.

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