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Cancel request form for Soul Focus Fitness.

You must enter a valid email address to receive email confirmation of form submission. Your cancel request will not be submitted without valid email.
FREEZE POLICY: As a Personal Training Client, you may request that your monthly payments be "Frozen" and Soul Focus may or may not allow the "Freeze." When permitted, payments may only be frozen (1) time per contract year for a maximum term of (1) month. The monthly payment during the freeze shall be $0.00. The initial term shall be extended by the duration of the freeze period. You must submit a freeze request by end of business on the 24th of the month prior to your next billing date. Soul Focus Fitness Freeze Policy may change from time to time. A Soul Focus Team member will contact you via e-mail within five (5) days to confirm your account freeze. If approved, your freeze will go into effect for the requested month. If not approved, you will be contacted via e-mail as to why.
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