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Like a swimming pool it is necessary to maintain acid/base balance in the body. A pH lower than 7 indicates an acidic environment which is a breeding ground for degenerative diseases, most notably, cancer cells which flourish in an acidic environment. A pH above 7 creates an alkalotic environment in which cancer cells cannot survive. A person is able to become more alkaline by eating foods such as green, leafy vegetables that are alkaline in nature.

Assuming a patient has not eaten in 30-minutes or more, we are able to administer a pH testing strip face-down on the tongue, allowing saliva to permeate the strip. We are then able to compare the color of the strip to the cannister to determine a patient’s pH level.



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You need to know! The COVID-19 IgG/IgM antibody test results will tell you if you HAVE IT, HAD IT, and–more importantly–if you’ve BUILT UP THE ANTIBODIES. This test is designed for the person who is asymptomatic but wants to know if they’ve come in contact with COVID-19 and may have built up the antibodies.

Results are obtained in 15-minutes. The test checks for SARS-CoV virus antibodies, IgG and IgM, through a quick finger prick and blood analysis.

At Soul Focus, we have created a drive-through testing headquarters. Once you purchase a test kit and select your testing date, our staff will be in contact to coordinate your testing time. On the date of your test, our staff will direct you through the tests and review the results with you without leaving your car.