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He just passed the 26 mile marker only 2 blocks from the finish line when he felt his arms and legs start to shake and give out on him. Before he fell to the ground, a runner behind him, Dave Meyer, caught up to him, lifted him up and wrapped his left arm around his shoulder. “I kept telling him, we’re gonna make it. We’re gonna make it, but you’re gonna have to help me get you there”, said Myer. But the injured runner could not continue. Just then, Jim Grove arrived. “I see this guy really struggling, and then the guy behind him kind of grabs him, so I start closing in on them,” Grove said. “The first guy was having a real hard time holding the runner up.

But he wasn’t giving up. He wasn’t going to let this guy hit the ground, so I grabbed the injured runner’s other arm and together, two of us were able to get him up around our shoulders and we started moving toward the finish line.” The injured runner couldn’t do it. His legs had completely given out. But then… Seconds later, two more saviors appeared. First it was Mike Johnson. Not far behind him was Kathy Goodwin. She decided she would not finish the race unless this guy did too. “Let’s grab his legs,” someone suggested. Johnson grabbed his right leg. Goodwin grabbed his left. As the team of four strangers picked up the runner from the pavement determined to help him cross the finish line, the thousands of people surrounding them, erupted in a triumphant cheer. 

This is the best way I could describe what we do at Soul Focus. It is the spirit of Soul Focus. We are willing to pick up our fellow man and carry him over the finish line. Our purpose is to help as many people as possible avoid unnecessary medication and surgery while assisting them to achieve their personal wellness goals through diet and exercise. Why did 4 strangers take on the risk of hurting themselves or compromise their own chances of finishing this 26.2 mile timed race? Because when people share a common purpose and goal, working together, they can put a man on the moon. It is powerful, synergistic and explosive. All of the doctors and staff at Soul Focus share a common purpose. That purpose is to help you get out of pain, have you lose weight and eat properly, get you to exercise regularly, and get you to relax. We are driven, motivated and committed to doing this for you. It is our purpose. It is my purpose for building Soul Focus. I want for the betterment of my community and the people in it. My purpose is to help as many people as possible. What is your purpose?

Soul Focus, where the focus is always on you!

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