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Spring into Summer Acupuncture

At Soul Focus, we are very proud to offer Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Our clients appreciate the peace and serenity that come with getting regular treatments so much that it has become one of our most popular services. With its rich 5,000-year-old healing tradition, this deep rooted wisdom is great for helping us make our yearly transition from winter to spring.

Spring is marked by the color green and liver energy and activity. Winter brings about condensation and storage, which in the body, translates into much needed accumulation to stave off the cold. To rid ourselves of this, the liver energy becomes active in the spring to detoxify the body. To play our part, first we have to be aware this is happening, and second, we need to aid the process the best we can. 

It has become a common adage to get summer ready. Many people make a move to lose weight and get in shape during this time and rightfully so. Our goal here at Soul Focus, is to help you get there with as little hassle as possible. What can we do to help get you summer ready?

The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, often referred to as the Bible of Chinese Medicine, strongly emphasizes different needling according to the seasons. The sages of old, observed certain conditions happening cyclically and the cycles of the season were one of the primary reasons why people got ill during the change of seasons. In the case of spring, if one is not cautious and overloads the liver during its most vital time of the year, you may fall ill in the summer. Your illness can carry over into the fall and may lead to a horrendous winter full of flu and bronchitis. So essentially, the seeds we plant in the spring are not only harvested in the fall, they get us to through to next spring!

In the past, maintaining your health with acupuncture was a privilege reserved solely for nobility. Today, many insurance companies now recognize and cover acupuncture services which is a leading natural way to deal with long-standing acute illnesses. So this spring, nourish your inner green with premier acupuncture service at Soul Focus. And soon, you will be able to experience Acupuncture in the tranquil atmosphere of our new Soul Spa. 

Here’s what you do: Answer these ten simple questions honestly, then cut out this box and bring it with you to review in person as part of a FREE ACUPUNCTURE CONSULT!


1.) Do you have Headaches?

2.) Do you have a fever or chills?

3.) Do you have chest pain or shortness of breath?

4.) Do you digest well?

5.) Do you have regular bowel movements?

6.) Do you have constant thirst?

7.) Do you sleep well?

8.) Do you have pain anywhere?

9.) What is the quality of the pain?

10.) How long have you had the pain?



1.) The quality (dull or sharp) and location (front – digestion , side gallbladder/detoxification, vertex liver, base kidney) gives clues as to how to treat the cause of the problem

2.) Fever with thirst, green mucus, sore and sweating requires a different approach than more chills than fever, body ache, clear mucus, and lack of thirst.

3.) Upper chest issues are a result of a weakness in the lungs that results in spontaneous sweating worsening upon exertion. Chest pain can be an obstruction of the heart or digestion related. Further questions need to be asked to ascertain a pattern to treat the problem correctly.

4.) Acid reflux and gastritis symptoms can result from years of improper food intake for your body type or from stagnation in the liver. Either way, the approach to treat the problem is different.

5.) A normal bowel movement consists of 1-2 a day that are well formed, require little or no toilet paper, and leave no smell or mess in the bowl.

6.) Drink preference of hot or cold gives clues to the internal state of your body. Excess heat craves cold drinks and cold system crave and feel better with warmth.

7.) Trouble falling asleep and trouble staying asleep require different approaches. Waking during specific hours gives clues about which organ needs help.

8.) Pain in regions of the body gives clues to what needs attention. Knee and back pain is a kidney issue, while upper thoracic is heart or lung.

9.) Sharp and stabbing pains are signs of blood stagnation and require a different approach than dull achy pains that result from deficiencies.

10.) Acute pains and chronic pains differ Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture are a completely individualized, custom tailored approach to your health!

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