Anita Dagadu-Ogoe

Nurse Practitioner

Anita is excited to help make a difference in patients’ lives with cutting-edge and natural treatments

About Anita

Anita Dagadu-Ogoe earned her Master of Science in Nursing from Chamberlain University and her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Seton Hall University. She brings over eight years of experience across a wide range of specialties associated with hospital, clinical, and ER medicine. Previously, Anita worked at CentraState Medical Center.

Anita’s combination of clinical education, experience and her degree in nursing provides a strong academic foundation for the kind of holistic approach to patients that we feel is critical to good patient care – holistic care that considers not only the physical aspects of a patient’s illness, but the emotional and spiritual aspects as well. She believes that healing and wholeness are matters of body, mind, and spirit. Anita is motivated by her desire to learn and help her patients succeed.

In her free time, Anita enjoys going to church with her family, reading, and crafting. Feel free to ask her to show you some of her work!